I Deserved That Pain

I think I over ate last night, my stomach is aching and I feel very uncomfortable. I went to bed so early last night that I get irritated whenever the phone was ringing because I could feel the pain again. I am not sure if I just get my karma for eating a lot yesterday. I mean how you could resist the Benignit that my sister cooked and the fried dried fish which in our term, we called it Bulad, it is an appetizer that you could eat lots of rice with this. So when you are in a diet, don’t ever eat Bulad okay, because you might forget your diet when you have the taste of it. So anyway, last night, I feel like bloated, I could not even walk much, oh well I tried to, but I feel like I was under attack by some bad spirits because I could not move. Then I realized, it is Maundy Thursday, and we should be fasting. This is what impressed me of our Muslim Brothers because they could bear not to eat from 6:00 a.m., to 6:00 p.m., during Ramadan. And mind you this would take for few days and not only one day. But shame on me because I ate too much yesterday, how could I be so careless during this day that GOD is suffering, maybe I deserved of the pain I had yesterday, I over ate and I deserve the uncomfortable feeling. Sigh!

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