Friends From College And My Friends Today

I still consider myself lucky even how cruel my life was during college, because I have friends I can always talk to whenever I feel like down. But time flies so fast and different because I no longer see them now, I always wonder what their activities are today because even though one of them is my friend in Facebook, I still could not reach her.  That friend was my best friend before but I guess the time change because even a Hi or Hello from her could never be heard. But I always cherished our memories together during college, even she does not remember them at all, I do and I always care.

 photo DSCI2631_zps60aa5dc2.jpg

My friends today are just around yet it is sad to say one has to go out of the country, maybe the picture below would be our last picture for this year. Our friendship lasted already for 7 years and thanks to FB because we can still update and talked with our whereabouts. And since my eldest daughter is no longer busy with her training, I can stay in the computer the whole day if I want to but of course, a stay at home Mom like me still have so many things to do inside the house or even outside to pay the bills. Nevertheless, I love my life now, no pressure at all and I can live with it smoothly without those mouths and eyes that follow me whenever my kid would compete.

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