Manghihilot Nearby

Thank God that we have a neighbour who is good with massage, without her I might wait for tomorrow yet so I can have an appointment to a massage spa. My sister Merlyn was not here today because she is attending her daughter who is graduating in high school. But I saw the pile of dirty clothes of me and my kids, so after I went to Mj’s school to send her the fried chicken, I went home immediately to attend the dirty laundry, I started washing my clothes at 12:00 noon, because I need to feed my youngest daughter first. The time flies so fast because I didn’t notice that it was almost 2:00 p.m., and Faith did not take any lunch yet, so I have to cook for lunch and eat together. I was already so tired when I finished the laundry; my niece went home from her class to help me do the house chores. She arranged some stuff in the living room and washes the dishes afterwards. When I am finally done washing our clothes, I feel my chest was so tight and I am wheezing, I know then that my asthma is attacking me again. I asked my niece to prepare me a Lemon juice, I also asked my daughter to buy me anti-histamine but I already drank the juice and took the anti-histamine yet I am still uneasy. I remember, my neighbour is a masseur, so I asked her to come. I am thankful that she is available, after she massaged me all over, I feel light right away, the pain all over my body is suddenly gone and I can breathe easily now. Thank GOD, I am well already.

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