We have this thought that we have all the rights to spend money whenever we have, like when we just receive our salary we ought to spend them to shopping because we feel like we own it so we have the rights but we didn’t know that this would lead to indiscriminate spending. You must remember that there are numbers of famous people who made a lot of money but because they spent more and more each day, they end up bankruptcy. We can always start to teach our children at an early age how to be careful and responsible with what they received, remind your children that those things that given to them are merely entrusted to them and encourage them to be always grateful of what they have. And when they have toys given to them, you always remind them that there’s no such thing as they are mine but it is to be shared to the siblings, they should also take good care of it when and after play, meaning they should not depend on the mothers or the yayas to keep and fix all the toys.

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