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Pictures With Her Kissing Me

My little love bug always like to be taken some pictures with her kissing me. I’ve got numbers of them but I can’t find some of them in my hard drive and so I’ll just show you three pictures of her kissing my cheek.

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I Deserved That Pain

I think I over ate last night, my stomach is aching and I feel very uncomfortable. I went to bed so early last night that I get irritated whenever the phone was ringing because I could feel the pain again. I am not sure if I just get my karma for eating a lot yesterday. I mean how you could resist the Benignit that my sister cooked and the fried dried fish which in our term, we called it Bulad, it is an appetizer that you could eat lots of rice with this. So when you are in a diet, don’t ever eat Bulad okay, because you might forget your diet when you have the taste of it. So anyway, last night, I feel like bloated, I could not even walk much, oh well I tried to, but I feel like I was under attack by some bad spirits because I could not move. Then I realized, it is Maundy Thursday, and we should be fasting. This is what impressed me of our Muslim Brothers because they could bear not to eat from 6:00 a.m., to 6:00 p.m., during Ramadan. And mind you this would take for few days and not only one day. But shame on me because I ate too much yesterday, how could I be so careless during this day that GOD is suffering, maybe I deserved of the pain I had yesterday, I over ate and I deserve the uncomfortable feeling. Sigh!

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No One Knows

I could still remember when I was just a kid; I was able to look after this boy, when he wants to take a nap I would sing for him until he dropped off to sleep on her blanket hammock.

I could not believe that my cousin who is younger than me will pass away. Last Saturday, I learned from my sister that he died of kidney shock on Friday. His best friend and cousin as well informed us that he died and that we are invited to see his remains at Angel Funeral. I was so shocked, I could not believe it, we even thought he got an accident but nope, he was already sick on January and was admitted to the hospital 3x. His siblings could not believe it as well, when we visited the funeral yesterday, his youngest sister said that they don’t have a 2nd father anymore because they treat him as their father next to their father. They are not intact, their father and mother who is my cousin got separated years and years ago, after having 7 kids. Their father re-married again or should I say had lived in after he and his wife got separated. My Aunt went away from their house and went to Manila; she left the kids with their Dad. Sooner the eldest, got so disappointed that she married early. The second who is a boy tried to get hold of the family and never was he give up, he didn’t even felt hatred to his Mom. Whenever his siblings need some help, he would always lend a hand for them. He got married too but he didn’t forget his responsibility to his younger siblings. Kidney shock at 29 is hard to believe, I mean what happen to the world now, last year our friend who is only 17 years old died of heart failure and now our cousin who just started to have a family. Only GOD know until when we will be here on earth and one must be ready for our ending, but with kids so young yet how can they cope up. I can only offer prayers and hope my cousin would still guide them even he is already in heaven.

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Butt Print In My Cushion

Have a good night’s sleep is important.  To do this you need to have the right mattress and pillows.  A mattress or pillow that can remember the contours of your body will do the job.  Memory foam remembers.  When can I find memory foam cushions, cushions for the bed, for the sofa or a favorite chair?  My youngest will lay on the floor for hours watching television with her laying on a cushion or leaning on one with her head propped in her hands.  My husband will sit on the floor with her, but he likes to sit on the cushion so his back end won’t get sore lol.  He always will say, don’t change the butt print in my cushion.

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