Weekend Getaway With My Kids

Last weekend, my kids and I went to a hotel for 2 nights stay. On the second day, early in the morning my youngest daughter is already itchy to plunge in the swimming pool so since it is her day we just went with her on the pool.

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Mj was not able to join us so she got herself busy listening to some songs over the Internet. That is what she always do, when she is not busy with school stuffs, she would let herself indulge with MTV’s. Did I mention that she want to learn how to play guitar or any musical instruments?

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Mariel also did not join me and Faith, but she was the one who was taking us pictures while we enjoyed the water. It was so early so there’s no much sun that shines on us. I don’t even put Faith some sunblock lotion.

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Our weekend was so fun, although Faith and I always argued but she knows I lover her. It was a very nice weekend with the kids.

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