Pumping While Working

It is hard to breastfeed while you are working, sometimes your work could cause your milk to stop. But of course, with today’s economy Mom has to work to help their husband for their finances. Pumping your breast is the solution if you still want your baby to have the proper nutrients and be healthy. Even when you are on travel, when you go to hotel, you can store your pumped milk in the fridge and it will not get spoiled as long as you keep it cool. But you don’t have to show when you pump in public, you should cover it some things like newspaper or some sort or you can go to the comfort room of your office to pump your milk properly. Even we are already have a baby, we still have to be discreet not being a mother but when we pump our breast for milk. Yes, it may be hard for the first time but you will get used to it in the long run it will be just so easy.

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