Woke Up At 2:00 AM Here At The Hotel

Last night when my kids and I went out for dinner, it was raining so hard and we were not able to bring an umbrella. Faith even complained that she was so wet when we arrived at the restaurant. I was worried though that she might get flu later that night so I asked Mj and Mariel to buy a paracetamol but they went back and said there is no Pharmacy opened anymore. Later last night, I was watching Faith as she sleeps; she sounded so peace when she slept beside me. I decided to take a rest then but at 2:00 a.m., I woke up with a slight flu. Maybe it was because we were soaking wet that night before. I keep on sneezing that I could not even sleep; I almost went out to look for a pharmacy open so I could buy a medicine for me. Good thing when I decided not to sleep yet, when I decide to just play the Candy Crush Saga, the sneezing subsided. I slept around 4:00 a.m. already, I supposed to jog at the park nearby but when my husband called me, I just told him I was not feeling well and I need more time to sleep. I still have runny nose today, I will just take medicine when we arrive home as we are busy packing things up.

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