The Four Girls At Home Still Had A Blast

I didn’t expect that we are going to celebrate our New Year with a blast because of course it was only me, my niece and 2 daughters who are going to face the New Year, but I was wrong because we enjoyed it so much that we didn’t notice the time! It was already nearly 6:00 in the morning when we finally finished singing. I guess the neighbors were already irritated with our music and voice but they can’t do anything about it, we are celebrating New Year and we should make noise to get rid of the bad luck. LOL

My sister Irenei went here though to give Faith her gift. We also shared some foods for Medya Noche, and so our table was full of foods. They also have to go home to welcome 2013 at their house. I am so thankful that my decision was right to get a Mega Vision for the house so at least we have something to get busy and enjoy with while we are welcoming New Year. And so even though we were only 4 to celebrate New Year, the 4 girls at home still had a blast!

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