Stage Mother Again On Summer

I guess everyone knows here already that my eldest daughter is dying to learn how play to guitar. Now that summer is fast approaching, she could not contain her excitement at all to learn this music instrument so as early as now we are making a canvass for Mitchell Guitars at music123, but itโ€™s hard to picked one because they are all well designed and I am sure they are as well has the very high quality of guitars. I mean I guess everybody knows it that they have the best guitars in the world. My eldest daughter could not even wait to have one of those and strum it with her own fingers. I could not also wait to be a stage mother again.

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One Response to “Stage Mother Again On Summer”

  1. MOmmy LIz says:

    wow! Mj is wanting to learn how to play guitar, that’s a good thing, none of my kids like to play any musical instrument, grrr… they’re the same as me ๐Ÿ™‚