Sort, Label, And A Room For Your Work = OC

 I am not that OC, oh well how I wish I am although sometimes I love to organized things especially when I am in the mood or when I really need to do it because all that surrounds me are kind a messy anymore. They said though that it pays to be an OC because all the things around you are in proper order, organized that you don’t have to look every corner in your house because everything is labelled are least this box is for your documents, or school supplies.

Okay, so you like to be organized then maybe first thing you need to do is sort out things that are useful and not now if you find this certain thing something sentimental, like the first art that your kids done in her pre-school, oh well just take your digital camera and take a picture of it so it would be easy for you to let go of those things.

So when you are done sorting out, you should assign storage for the things that are left and label them. Then put it in a room for those things, where you know exactly where you put those things that you labelled and stored.

When you are like me who is very forgetful, note down all the things you need to do for instance today you need to buy this and that or you have someone to talk to at 2:00 p.m. jot down all those appointments so you won’t lose track and you won’t lose any possible client.

It is also convenient if you spare a room for your home based business, you see what I mean? If you have a room for you to work, you can focus more. The kids would know eventually that when you are in this room, that means you are working in your desk and that they should not bug you.  It is like you are working in this room while the kids are just door away when they needed you.

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