She Will Be Graduating Very Soon

I and Mj and Mariel went out today, we went out very early because I have to pay yet the graduation fee of Mj and her tuition fee. Yes, my daughter will be graduating very soon and she will be in high school next school year. The time flies indeed really fast, and yes I keep saying that it seems like yesterday when I always find her outside of the house playing with other kids and now she just stayed inside our house and doing her stuff in computer is what she always get busy with during no class. I know she will be more cautious now with her appearance and I must ready for crushes and those all stuffs, I know this time I should be close to her more so she would trust me to tell me what’s her secrets. Sometimes, really it is hard and scary to have daughters but it is a lot of fun because you will be sharing together especially shopping stuffs.

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