Lose That Weight

I always want to lose weight, yet I guess I don’t have the urge yet but I know someday I will going to have it. I am just taking it cool now, I don’t pressure myself anymore although yes I must admit that I miss my old me, the figure that I once had before I was pregnant with Faith. How I wish I have worked this thing out after 6 months I delivered my youngest but I didn’t, I just shut out the idea of getting back my old me it is because I was too lazy then. Now I hope it will never be too late to lose weight with this exercise I found in the Magazine.

  • 30 minutes of brisk walking in the morning that if you are not busy preparing breakfast for the kids. But I guess if you are really determined to do it maybe you will succeed.
  • 30 minutes of cardio exercise, dancing and aerobics could do this work out. This kind of exercise would be easy for me since I love to dance alone, yes alone. LOL
  • You may put a rest after two days of those work outs then back again in the 4th day.

Now, after like 7 to 8 months you can replace the brisk walking with jogging and start doing it for 15 minutes.

I am not sure though if I can do these steps since yeah I got too lazy most of the times. Geez that should be one of my New Year’s resolution but this one for sure, I will be going back to the gym soon.

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