Her Moment On Sunday And She Wanted To Have A Bunny

My husband is somewhat disappointed of me not bringing Faith outside from time to time so I make sure that Sunday is Faith’s Moment, in which we could send her to the mall always riding a carousel but today she pointed not a carousel but a train, which she called a chu chu train. She had fun even though she cried before she went inside the train as she wants to buy a live bunny at the pet store. It has been a while that she is asking a live bunny for her pet but I did not allow the idea instead a bought her some clothes as her gifts last Christmas and recently I bought her a toy piano. I thought having a bunny as a pet was already out of her mind but when sister Irenie went there with her at the pet store and saw the bunny, she wanted to buy those in an instant she even said that she want to choose the white one as it is her favorite color. Immediately, my sister dragged to where the train was and asked her if she wanted to get a ride, she was hesitant at first, she said she want to have the bunny. She was still crying when I arrived from the comfort room, so I bought the ticket for two for her and Mj right away so she will not cry anymore.

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