Catching Up

Yes, I was not able to send the car parts to my mechanic that I bought today but I did not regret seeing my friend whom I missed so much. We had so much fun while having a cup of coffee in the mall. It was her birthday last month and I was not able to buy her some gifts but it is better be late than never right, so a cup of coffee my treat is not bad at all, right? After having coffee, we roam around the mall, and we bought some lingeries for us. She also bought some shirts for me and Mj and stuff toy for Faith too. LOL! I thought I will be the one treating her for her birthday but she treats us too, she said it is her belated Christmas gifts for the three of us. Isn’t she the sweetest? We had a non-stop laugh when we were together, surely 4 hours has never been enough to catch up our whereabouts.

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