3 Is Enough

I know I keep on telling about the getaway I just attended last week. But I was not able to post some pictures yet and now here are tons of pictures. So beware as you could see different pose of me and my friends, spare us though.

It is always indeed a good feeling to be able to mingle some friends whom you were not able to see for a long time now. I am always grateful that the gag did not forget to invite me on one of our friend’s birthday. I was surprised with the invitation and I had so much fun with some new friends the group introduced me.

 photo 71519_4538676137889_1648012133_n_zps5c31163f.jpg

This was our arrival at the resort, and yes it was my first time to be able to visit that resort.

 photo Mich18_zps769a9562.jpg

This was one of the pictures that I like, you know why? It is because it does not show my flabby belly at all. We called this mermaid pose.

 photo HPIM0321_zps28b1587e.jpg

I really like this picture, the back ground is so green and the water is so calm. I hope they would maintain the green surrounding.

Anyway, I lied about posting tons of pictures, I guess three is enough though, for a one post. Run out of words here so I must runaway now.

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