I Want A Digi Perming So Badly

I’d been longing to have a curly hair, the other day I thought I could realized it already since the salon that I went last month had a promotion. One of the staffs told me that instead of P5, 000.00 I could avail the discount for only P2, 900.00 but I was not able to do so last month because I was in a hurry to buy some gifts. So the other day, I went there again with sister Irenie and niece, hoping I could have a digi perming hair but to my dismay I was not able to do so because they will be using the L’Oreal and not the Korean medicine and that means the cost would be higher as expected. So instead of P2, 900.00, I should spend almost P5, 000.00 for the Digi Perming Hair done. I took a back; I didn’t have the money on hand at the moment. I just have enough for the first price so instead of having a hair done. I just took my sister and niece to the pizza parlor to buy a pizza for Faith at home. I just told the staff then I will be having that style next month, I just have to save more for Digi Perming.

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