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I know it is a bit late but I want to greet each one of you a Happy New Year! Geez it seems like it was only yesterday that we are looking and waiting for the Holiday Season to come and now that it is over I seemed can’t get over with it. I was too busy, picking up those holiday curtains in the mall, planning what to buy for the kids and sisters and cooking for the holidays yet I had so much fun besides Mj stopped swimming at all. LOL how many times would I have to write that she already stopped swimming, yes I can’t even imagine that she is the one already told me that and I said finally! On the other hand even though I have made some haters last year or so they just hate me and that’s it, I still want them to have the best year ahead. Yes I don’t hold grudges but never would I make friend with them anymore, I have enough of them and that’s it.

The year 2013 will I assume the best year for me, because I am looking forward for a new baby. I guess I have written that already in my other blog but I can’t reveal it, not just yet until it will be realized. Anyway, I hope you had the funniest and blissful New Year, and I wish you have the prosperous on this year!


My Family and I on New Year 2013!

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