Girls Moment At The Pool

I supposed to look for cars with sister Irenie yesterday but she messaged me then if we could do it today. So I messaged my friend that we could swim yesterday after I will have my blood pressure check. Thank God that my BP was okay, so we headed immediately to the hotel to have our post-holiday little getaway. I brought my daughter with me so she can do the lapse, it has been a while that she was not able to swim and I know so well that she already missed swimming. And so I was right because the moment I told her that she can go with me for swimming, she was so excited to gather all her belongings. She was even the first to dive in the water the moment we arrived at the pool. We had so much fun, although the water was somewhat cold but it was okay, we can bare the cold. While we were there, we were also able to witness a wedding pictorial, we even joked around that what if we will also pose at their back or making a splash so the wedding gown the girl is wearing will be all wet, anyway, those were only in our thoughts of course we won’t do such a thing, it’s their moment and we should respect it. Right after we were done swimming, we went downstairs to enjoy our cup of coffee, we stayed there for an hour, chatting and talking about things and stuffs. I am so surprised that my daughter did not feel bored at all. She just listened and smiling and drinking her hot milk. It was so chilly outside when we went out in the hotel but there’s no traffic anymore when I drove home.

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