We Watched Breaking Dawn With A Friend And Niece


It was November 19 that I dragged my niece and friend to watch the famous Breaking Dawn. It was also the birthday of my friend, and treating her for a movie are one of my surprises for her. I don’t have any gifts prepared for her though and I was not able to attend her advance Birthday party at their house so I made it up to her for a movie. She was not able to come on time because the Western Union in charge was so slow entertaining her transaction, so my niece and I just went inside ahead of her.


The movie was fantastic! The reading of mind of Alice for the head of the Volturi’s future was so detailed; everyone thought that it was really happening. Mr. Carlisle was the first one who got killed, and then Alice’s boyfriend, then the wife of Mr. Carlisle so on and so forth. In the reading all of the leaders of Volturi were dead including Jane. Everyone dropped their jaws when after the head of Volturi was killed and Alice told him that it will be his future if he would still pursue the fight. That part was the best ever! And oh Jacob is still hot! LOL!

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