So Embarrassed!

I am so embarrassed, I thought this particular DA did not pay me yet and he already did!

It started when he messaged me that some bloggers were not able to send him paypal addresses so he was not able to pay for those bloggers who was failed to send him; I thought he was only referring to me. So I sent him my paypal address but he was not able to respond so I messaged him again and again and until today, he finally replied and he said he already paid me when he checked his invoices. Geez I immediately reviewed all the receipts that came up and so he did! Wahhh!!! I messaged him immediately my apology, I mean it was really and honest mistake. I hope I did not disappoint him and he would send me again another OPPS!

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One Response to “So Embarrassed!”

  1. Pretty Kat says:

    Nyahahaha… may na lang ko kay sige ko paningil, nya moingon jud sya nga naka bayad na daw sya nga ana nga date… ako bitaw gi screenshot ako paypal dah! buking noon ko nga empty jud diay ako Paypal hahaha.

    Ayaw kabalaka kay tagaan lagi japon ka ug opps 🙂