Only Memories Already

I just chatted with my husband tonight; he said he can’t stay long because he has to go to Wallmart to buy a gift for their company’s Christmas party. The party will start at 6:00 p.m. and he knows that the party will be jam-packed with employees who smoke and drink, my husband does not do that anymore so he would be patiently waiting for the time so he can go home right away. My husband was a smoker before when he was still young, he even has cigars samplers and he would try it together with his friends but those were only memories already. He only have one friend who remains a smoker and he even have accessories for his cigars but no matter how he would persuade my husband, my husband would still say no, oh well, we are not getting any younger at all and being healthy is a must. Moreover, it is okay to smoke but one should take it moderately for safety purposes.

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