Not This Time Doc!

I am so not feeling well!

Yesterday I went to my doctor for my asthma and he requested me immediately for admission. I was like “uh uh” not this time, I mean I was not even prepared and I have tons and tons of payment this month, not to mention that my niece is here with me and I was helping her to pay her tuition fees plus my sister’s family is depending on me and I can’t spend any more money for the hospitalization. I took aback and begging my Doctor for me not to be admitted and thank GOD that he was convinced only he gave me cautions that if I can’t breathe tonight, I should not be thinking twice to go to the emergency room. He gave me lots of medicines with a heavy dosage to make sure I won’t run to the emergency room. I was really nervous; I went home immediately instead of dropping by at the grocery store. I rested for a while but I didn’t expect that today I would still be feeling weak. I am slightly catching my breath but I think I can still survive.

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