Considering The Kids Feeling

When I was still a single Mom, when I would enter into a relationship, I always consider my eldest daughter’s feeling. I would always ask her if the guy was okay for her so on and so forth. I could even remember Mj telling me if we could afford to buy a Daddy for her since she really wants to have a Daddy of her own. I was not dreaming of having an abundant life but someone who would stay with us and love us unconditionally.

I even asked that to my friend what she wanted in life, she is confused whether to accept a certain suitor or not and leave the boyfriend that she answered yes two months ago. I too was confused what she wants, she wants a clever guy who could give her not only everlasting love but wisdom in life. I understand her though even I could not fathom what she wants but she should nevertheless consider her kids feeling when she would come up to a decision. But I believe if she really loves one person no matter how the guy do for a living, she would fight for him no matter what, she already proved it to her boyfriend before but it was just he was the wrong guy because instead of giving her back the love, he just caused her pain.

On the other hand, I wish her the best and I hope she will be happy whatever decision she might have. I am just here as always to support her.

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One Response to “Considering The Kids Feeling”

  1. kimmy says:

    love has always been and will always be a mystery, however, when kids are involved, i guess they must be always considered..