MMFF Season

Christmas season is also the MMFF season and so everyone here in the Philippines is waiting for the movies that they could offer. I’d been watching the trailer of the Sisterakas and I was sure it surely cracked us to laughter. And so when I get the chance to watch it with my youngest daughter, I did not slipped it away, the movie house has a long queue that we need to wait for an hour just to enter the cinema. But it was sad to say that the movie did not get much rewards yet I have to congratulate Ms. Wilma Doesn’t for she got the Best Support Actress Award and they also got the 3rd place for the Best Picture Award. On the other hand I don’t need to elaborate much further about the movie; I am going to show you the trailer of the movie instead.

On the other note, a while ago I dragged my sister to watch with me the “One More Try” the story is so unique, I guess I never seen anything like it. It is about a Mother and a Wife and these two had the best separate role that it could move you out. When the movie ended, my sister and I could it ever happen or not? But one thing I could only say, Angel Locsin and Angelica Panganiban did a perfect job portraying each role. “One More Try” also got the Best Child Actor Award, Best Male Celebrity, and 1st place in Best Picture Award. One More Try got 6 awards in Total.

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