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Thank God that when my eldest had her first period this morning, I didn’t have to explain it to her elaborately. I mean her and her classmates who already got her period from last months talked about this before. And their Science teacher is discussing about it from time to time. On the other hand, some of you may be like me, who am a bit nervous and scared of explaining in details. Here are some tips I found online for Menstruation and the First Period. It could help you to explain to your girls as they are entering the world of teenagers.

You can start talking about period in general in early age but don’t get too elaborate. You can tell your kids that when they grow old enough and be like Mama, their body will change for preparation to be a grown up woman. And when your daughter is getting older to understand a little you can be more specifics like you can tell her what a period is like and being able to get pregnant if she will ever have sex. Do not just hand your daughter a book or hand her a CD that discussing menstruation so on and so forth, you should watch or read with her and talk about it after you read with her the book because if there are some questions that your daughter might have about periods and puberty, you are there immediately to attend her.

If you have a girl this tips could help you, just copy and paste the url to your browser,

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