Project 101: Doing Housechores

I had been in front of the computer since like early in the morning and until the kids gone off to school including my youngest. Later when I noticed that I can’t still finished what I was doing here; I shut the computer off and began mopping the floor. We don’t have floor tiles but we installed a floor mat since the cement that they were using here is easily to take off, the colour of our floor mat is white so it is easily get marked. It has been like days that I am trying to remove the marks but I failed until today I realized I could use a Zonrox. I was so happy that it worked, the marks were removed and the floor mat got back to its colour white. I mopped like hours, I included the area that was not frequently mopped. I rearranged the stuff in the kitchen. The boxes were lined up and threw all the unnecessary things. Yeah sometimes I keep things even I don’t actually used it or even they are useless at all, I kept them for the sake that I bought those and even they are already worn out I have this fear of letting it go. On the other hand, this time I successfully let those things go out in the house. It is now waiting for the garbage collector to pick those things up and would finally be out of my sight for good. Yeah, I spent like hours to clean and de clutter all the stuffs and I am glad that I was able to stay home today to attend my not so messy home now.

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