Oh No! Not The Feeding Bottle

When I went to visit the house of one of my friends, she offered me a glass of juice with lemonade on it. She sliced the lemonade, three sliced and she puts it in the glass together with the juice. I was so intrigued how does it taste and when I drank it, it is so flavourful. The juice came with a box, I am not familiar with the name but one thing I can assure of is that, it is not the kind of juice that you could find in a local store. One day when I went to the mall looking for some imported juice, I tell you I like the Philippine brand than of those products that are made from outside the country but for the sake of trying the lemonade together with that juice, I bought a juice that has the brand name of Motts, it is not the same as my friend has but it is cheaper than of what she has, anyway, there’s nothing wrong to experiment another brand right? So I also bought lemonade and when I went home I pour one glass of juice, the juice has the flavour of Apple and it says it rich in Vitamin C and put 3 slice of lemonade. I love it; the kids love it and my sister too! There’s only one thing she commented though, and that is we should buy a glass because were using the old feeding bottle of Faith, and I mean we used it every day in our lives! My sister even cracked a joke that yeah you are so levelling up with that juice but look at the glass you are using, it’s a FEEDING BOTTLE! And we laughed so hard, the next day I dragged myself to buy 6 new glasses, I somehow got awaken by the thought that what if we have some visitors, what would they used? Oh no! Not a feeding bottle of course!

17 thoughts on “Oh No! Not The Feeding Bottle

  1. hahaha, I remember tuloy when we were young, we drank coffee in the bottle too, usually empty mayonnaise or peanut butter bottle… πŸ˜› my mother kasi nanghihinayang gamitin ung mga drinking glasses namin na nakatago sa cabinet, pambisita dw.. πŸ˜€

  2. I miss hanging out with your family! Tell manang Merlyn HI for me:) Next time mag visit ko diha, serve me juice with Pityang’s feeding bottle ok? let’s try it if makes a difference hehehe

  3. Funny! This gives me an idea to recycle Bella’s feeding bottle since they are just waiting for the right time to put into the garbage. πŸ™

    Very creative Mare!

  4. thanks for sharing the idea of adding some slices of lemon on it. πŸ™‚ i bet it taste really good. πŸ™‚ nice to know you got new glasses, hehehe, napatawa mo ako sis, thank you! πŸ™‚

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