No Pay, No Holiday

I went to the computer shop yesterday where I worked before. I will have to make a down payment for the laptop that I want to have. While my friend processing my order, I was like teasing her that tomorrow, which is today she can finally rest from being so busy at work while enjoying the pay from the company since today is holiday. But her face was changed rapidly and told me that they don’t have a pay in holiday. I was like surprised because they supposed to have a pay according to the work code and they were paid before though during holiday how come they don’t have it now? I mean, I used to work there before and I became a regular employee and I received a pay during holiday. But she said it has been changed and even they protested, they could not do anything with, besides they need a job very badly so they just obeyed whatever the policy is.

You see, so the poor become very poorer and the rich would be richer and richest because of some companies that do not follow the law. Alright, some could report it to the government, they will process what like a year or years and still the company can escape and could still transact a business. Some would state a loss, and who would get lost? Of course the workers, the employees who are only trying to seek their rights yet if the company would close, it would be hard for them to live. They can try to look for another job but of course with our economy as of the moment, it would take years to land finally a job or never at all.

So as my friend said, it is better to be quiet than of losing a job, they don’t want their family to suffer because of this right. So it is best to sacrifice themselves than of starving their family.

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