Morning Sickness After A Week?

It took me a month to know that I was pregnant with Mj and so after I learned that I was pregnant, I started then to have morning sickness. Recently I heard someone I knew that he got a girl impregnated, I was surprised because it was too far to be true that he would do such a thing, oh well at least for me he is harmless and would not do something that it could break his heart’s parents and besides he is so young. But yeah, new generations are too aggressive that they could not control themselves at all. I feel for the mother’s pain yet we can’t do anything else but to be responsible enough of what he and his girlfriend had done.

However, getting a morning sickness a week after they did that thing, now that is the question, knowing that the girl has lots of boyfriends before him, her Aunt kept on following her up after school, last year because she said to be sleeping already at the ex-boyfriend’s house. I know we could not judge her, maybe she is telling the truth that the father of the baby in her womb is his boyfriend now. But I hope whatever it is, she is telling the truth because if it’s not him who is the father of the baby then he would forever be responsible of the baby that’s not his.

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2 Responses to “Morning Sickness After A Week?”

  1. genny says:

    oh too bad,…the mother is confused of who is the father? i haven’t been there yet, but as far as i know after a week of doing it and have morning sickness already is too good to be true. what you think?

  2. Pretty Kat says:

    haguy! you got me Anne, abi nako juntis ka karon, nya wa diri imo husband.. maayo na lang kay gibasa nako ang content.. jueng jud ka hahaha.

    Anyway, young generations are too hot..too bad for the girl’s family for her untimely pregnancy. Basig ngitngit kaayo when she did it anne.. so wa nya makita kung kinsa iya katapad waaa.. joke.. haha