Gifts For Special Occasion and Cosmopolitan Anniversary

PhotobucketI can remember certain milestones in my life.  When I was old enough to go to school, then high School, my 20th birthday, getting married and the birth of my kids, these are all special occasions.  I remember my special birthdays and those of my friends and family (unlike my husband, who remembers the kids but always forgets mine).  Well a 40th birthday is rather special, we used to consider reaching forty years of age was being over the hill or teasing our friends about it.  So to get that perfect gag gift I took a look at 40th birthday ideas at Spencer’s Gifts store and there are a lot of great gifts in there.  I particularly liked the 1972 trivia playing cards and the Mini Book, these are both great ideas for my sister.


I am sure that many of my readers are familiar with the magazine Cosmopolitan.  But did most of you know that Cosmo celebrates its 40th year  this year?  What would you get a magazine for its 40th birthday?

That aside, Cosmo has been around longer than I have.  I am not a real women’s Libber, I am more of a traditional woman believing in the traditional family and have my own values, but there are good articles in Cosmo that I enjoy.  So if I were to get a Spencer’s gift for the publishers of Cosmo, maybe I would get them a Miss Birthday Girl sash or maybe just an a I’m Forty spinner button.

11 thoughts on “Gifts For Special Occasion and Cosmopolitan Anniversary

  1. really? i didn’t know Cosmo is in the industry that long.. I seldom read their mag but when I have the chance I do read them. Their topics are interesting.

  2. As the famous saying goes… “Life begins at 40” and it’s true because I already passed that age but I feel like I’m more aggressive and spirited. We have to feel young at heart all the time.

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