This Is A Definitely A Mission Accomplished

Christmas is really fast approaching; you know what’s good about Christmas? It is no other than sale everywhere and I heard this November 30, SM will be having a big sale again and in Davao Convention Center, they also have a Christmas Bazaar on the same date I am sure shoppers would come rushing.

Oh well, I just have one thing in mind in our house then, I just want to buy a Christmas curtain for this holiday season and I’d been planning that for a while now or at least before this November is over. I already had something in mind when I went to the mall one day, the Christmas curtain was displayed since September. When I went to shop there the other day, I choose the colour green as I thought there are still many of the same design the next day. I didn’t have enough budgets to buy the whole complete set for the whole house including our bedroom, so I just thought to buy enough for our living room.

Yesterday, I went there again to buy curtains for the bedroom, when I checked it out, there were no colour green already, they said they were already sold out and the colour that was left is only red. I already decided for colour green yet I guess there is nothing wrong if I would use the colour red in each bedroom, which my friend agreed besides they are all Christmas curtain. Although I ask still the in-charge if they would order more again in the coming days, the staff informed me they could not anymore as Christmas is already weeks away. So I must decide now or I would never get the Christmas curtain for our bedrooms.

I went home late last night from  chillin’ out in Tata Benito’s while enjoying a cup of coffee with friends, yet even though how late it was last night, I was still so hyper to put our curtains on in our window, it was a ring type curtain so everything was easy peasy.

To have decided and buy a new curtain for the house is definitely a mission accomplished for me.

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