My Husband’s Thanksgiving Day And Black Friday Sale!

Yesterday was the Thanksgiving Day, my husband asked my permission for him to go to a friend’s house to celebrate the Thanksgiving Day. He said they had turkey, ham, candied yams, dressing, mashed taters, green beans, pumpkin pie, fresh baked rolls, wine and gravy. The wife of his friend cooked all the foods but my husband said he is better when it comes to cooking of turkey so if he is here he would try to cook a turkey, so we can have a taste. He was late when he came online but that was okay he is always on time to call me to wake me up. He called me from the friend’s house and he told me that they are watching football; he will be home for a couple of hours.

Tonight, he called me again on my phone to tell me he is up already to have the Black Friday sale; it was still 7:00 pm, my time here. He told me  that he have to go to the mall early so he can still find some great deals, I bet the cashier will be on queue and the mall will be crowded when he arrives there. I never experienced a Black Friday Sale so I really don’t have any idea what does it look like, I mean how big the discounts and the deals are in the mall but I already experienced, well slightly the Thanksgiving Day. I was working in a call center when the management prepared some foods including turkey and announced the feasts in the call floor. It was all free so we can grab a bite during our breaks.

Anyway, I know this is late but let me greet all of you a:

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