We Finally Decided

I am just at home today and you know what I love it. Yes, I think we finally decided that Mj will stop swimming, I already have computed our expenses and among the three girls here, she had the higher expenses. And I know I have to cut it, it is not that I don’t want her to strive harder for swimming but I can’t afford the fees anymore. I think it is best for us for her to stop swimming because I can do the following if she does.

  • We can have more bonding with Faith; she has been set aside ever since Mj started her training.
  • I can get to enrol myself in Masteral and will pay the tuition fee without any hassle.
  • Mj can concentrate more with her studies; I mean she can do better now at least.
  • Stress free for her. I know she has been struggling very hard to divide her time with all of her activities and I know so well that she is already stressed with all the pressure and all.
  • And most of all, I can save more now especially we are in a tight budget because of the dollar keeps on decreasing and gasoline keeps on increasing, if I would stay at home more this time, all unnecessary expenses will be cut off.

Although my husband is not complaining with my expenses here at home but I know he is striving so hard to support us here. I must do something that I could help him even just a little. Anyway, our life does not only evolve in swimming so some people out there can celebrate now.

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