Just recently, right after the competition that we joined the other Saturday, my headache was sever and on and off. I sometimes got dizzy that made me just want to stay at home because I am afraid that it would get worst when I drive. I thought it would go away after I had the relaxing massage but it lasted only a day because I had a headache again the next day. I sometimes could feel like things that doesn’t move are moving, just like what happen last night, I really could feel that our bed is moving so I thought there’s an earthquake, I even shouted at my daughter to open the door because there’s an earthquake, my daughter was confused because there is no earthquake actually.  After a while, I realized that the bed did not really move. I am really bothered because my friend kept on telling me that I am having sign of vertigo and she advised that I need to have a check-up, when? I still don’t know, as I am still so busy here.

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