My Niece And I Bonding

It was so abrupt, my niece informed me they have school today but when I told her that Cheryl and I will going to watch a movie, she immediately then told me they don’t have school but they just have to practice in NSTP.  Yes this week, it is already second time that my niece and I watched a movie together. First was the “Taken” last Tuesday and today we watched the “This Guy’s in love with you Mare”. We both enjoyed the movie, the first one was about a father who tried his best to save his daughter’s and ex-wife’s life. This is the series of the Taken the other year, which I was so hooked up with. It is definitely a father and daughter relationship and a must watch as well. The second movie was today, it is about a gay who was broken hearted when his 3 years relationship did not last at all because of a woman. He wanted to have the guy back so he tried to become a guy and courted the woman. It was full of fun and laughter that I didn’t notice the time resulted for Mj’s absent in the training. Oh well, I am really tired of this stuffs, I am tired of sending her to the pool and I am tired of everything. I really want to unwind and go to some places without being bothered.

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