I Still Need To Go Out

Yes, I keep on complaining that I am always busy but when my husband told me this morning that I have to rest for two days because soon I will get very busy attending with stuffs next week. I was having doubts, I mean Mj needs to practice for DCAA and I admit staying at home gets me very bored that it gives me headache in the latter. I once tried that, I told my daughter to rest and be absent on her training but later I didn’t expect I would be the one suffering. My headache got worst I realized I somehow need to go out to see different views aside from the four corners of the house.

So later today, I will be going out to send my daughter to the pool, but before that maybe we have to unwind first in the mall. I hope my head will not get heavy, that’s I always feel everyday. And I hope my daughter will going to break her time in swimming, but first I hope she will be serious while on training.

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