Finally Done The Two Wives

Finally, I was able to buy the “Two Wives” CD, somebody told me that the one we saw in TV too far to the ending yet so if I want to know who ended up to whom, I should just buy the CD.

 And since the computer is acting up for days now, I just played the CD instead to divert my attention from being pissed off with my computer. And there we were we spent two days just watching the “The Two Wives”.

 So Victor had the amnesia but later he was able to know the truth after Janine drove him and had the car accident again. He did not knew what he had done to Janine but his brother-in-law advised him to lie low and think a million times before he reveals that he is already cured. His stepdaughter suffered leukemia, he secretly had a check up for bone marrow transplant and miraculously they were match. Janine learned that Victor already remembered her and so they went to see each other, David who is the real father of Audrey, the stepdaughter of Victor take aback and let Janine and Victor together.

 Meanwhile, Yvonne, the ex-wife of Victor and Albert are also having problem with the Mother of Albert because she is against of the two getting married. Cheska, the ex-girlfriend of Albert is doing her best to separate them as well. On the other hand Victor got insecure of David when David and Janine were together to send their daughter at the hospital, he punched David’s eye lead his right eye to get blind. Janine and Victor always fought over things that made Victor decided to just let Janine and Audrey to be with David since he is the real father of Audrey. Victor wanted to reconcile to his ex-wife but Yvonne did not accept him, although her and Albert got separated for one year, she is still so in-love with him, Albert is also feeling the same way.

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