Because Of Him And His Favorite Sport

The sports I truly adored is Volleyball and you know who taught me for that sport, he is no other than my cousin who was a varsity at their school way back. It was during summer when my Aunt decided to bring him to our place; he was just graduated from college and was applying for a job in a cargo ship abroad. While he was still waiting for his application for approval, he busied himself teaching us on how to play volleyball. Later on, he was invited to lead for a volleyball league in our place, at first they won but he got injured in the latter. It was so depressing because in a week or two he still have a league to join in our place but he can’t move his legs, he even have to use crutches for him to walk. If only there was a knee scooter sale at that time, my aunt may have bought one for him so it would be easy for him to move around especially when he needed to report more often at the agency he applied for, he needed to visit the agency for updates and also to make follow ups for his application. Good thing that after 3 to 6 months of waiting, when they called him for work, the crutches was gone already, he was already fully recovered when he started working with them.

It was full of fun when my cousin visited us, oh well except with his injury during the game but nevertheless, we enjoyed every bit of our summer because of him and his favorite sport.

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