Yoga For Fitness

When I went out yesterday to meet my dentist, I already brought the swimming materials of Mj and as I was looking forward to sweating at the gym I also brought extra clothes. After I ran errands and Mj was already at the pool, I went to the gym for session. I didn’t expect they have a yoga schedule on that day and not the Zumba, since I was already there and paid my session. I tried the Yoga for the very first time; it has to do a lot of stretching, and breathe in and breathe out. I expected it to be boring but not at all, I enjoyed it a lot. It surely can flatten my tummy, if only I don’t have to go back to the pool that instant as it was raining so hard, I have stayed for a while or finish it at the very end. Anyway, I sweat but my arms are sore but this is nothing compared of my daughter’s complaining about, she said her legs are in pain probably because of the rigid training that she has to endure with her new coach. She was just telling me anyway and not really mean of stopping it because if I would ask her if she want to quit, she would immediately tells me NO!

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