What I Want For My Birthday

My birthday is approaching and I was wondering why my husband and girls will get for me. I know what I would like, but I need to give them some hints without being obvious. One time, my husband let my eldest daughter pick a gift. At that time she was only six and picked me out a black purse. It was nice, but it is not what I would have chosen. What I would really like this year is some sterling silver jewelry to help me accessorize my wardrobe. The nice thing about sterling silver jewelry is that it will go with any color of clothing. So I don’t need to pick and choose what clothes I want to match my earrings or necklace.

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One Response to “What I Want For My Birthday”

  1. mavicdesigns says:

    haha this is also my problem whenever my birthday is approaching. So what I do I will talk to one of my staff and let her do job…and voila, I will get one that i really wanted haha 😀