Rejuvenating Our Skin

I was so ready to pamper myself with facial spa at my friend’s place but I almost got frustrated when the one who would do it for us was still not at home. Imagine we were already there exactly at 4:00 p.m., and yet she was not at their house. It was already 6:00 p.m., when we decided to just pack up and go home when she arrives, she apologize and so we decided to just pursue it so our time to be there will not be wasted.

So the process began, I didn’t expect that the product she would used for galvanic is NU skin, I remember I have blog about the product but anyway, it just feel so good that I am applying the NU skin exactly on my face, let’s see if it really works.

Galvanic spa helps you rejuvenate your skin, it is like your age is forwarding but not the way you look because of this spa. It helps your skin energize and helps you to look young.

They have this gadget with a gel, in which after the applications from cream to toner and etc, she massaged me with this gadget on my face and it feels really good. I almost fell asleep; the gel was cool and very relaxing.

So no more lasers or pricking on your face for facial spa the galvanic really works, you could really feel the difference between before and now. Good thing even how pricey this spa in a salon or dermatologist, but with the friend of my friend it was only P500.00 and we have the fresh work in just an hour.

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