Make An Impact

Geez my spray cologne or perfume nowadays is easy to drain, why? It is because I have two oh now 3 including F to spray it over to their body. It has been a week that I haven’t sprayed any cologne because I have no intention to buy anymore but my niece keeps on bugging me to it. LOL

Perfumes, cologne, spray cologne or whatever you may call it, may help you have the first impression. Good impression that remarks them who you are, for example in a corridor, even they did not see you yet but when they smell your fragrance, they would immediately know that you are just around. See, the impact? Anyway here are some tips:

Spraying your cologne in to the air and walking into the mist, that’s the best way to apply to apply a scent. Some also spray on both sides of their neck.

So since scents don’t last long in a tropical area and Philippines are a tropical country, you make it regular spraying your favorite scent all day long. You can also apply or spray on top of your lotion, because the oil in the lotion binds the fragrance molecules that would result to longer fragrance.

Go for woodsy oriental scents if you are going to a business meeting, the scent has an aroma that makes people take you seriously. You can use delicate scents for a date with your love one or husband.

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