Like Mother Like Daughter

Did I or did I not mention before that my daughter is a music addict. I know she doesn’t have a good voice to brag but I just can’t stop her from singing out loud. I really have to bring her to a voice lesson so she can sing without harassing somebody’s ear drum.

On the other note, she is really just like me when I was her age, I really don’t care at all if somebody is irritated with my voice when I sing. My sister would always nag me to stop singing but who cares? LOL! Aside from singing our heart out, my daughter and I also love to listen to music, in fact this morning we agreed to turn the channel in music TV so we can listen to different songs. I guess the saying goes like mother like daughter is true but the only thing that I don’t call myself an expert is to download some music from the computer to my cellphone or to any gadget, I left that to my daughter. She is also fond of composing some songs, not the professional one, it is not even rhyme but I appreciated it. I wonder if she can be a DJ when she grow up, if she does, I would probably gave her Pro Tools for recording, mixing, editing  and so much more when she graduated in college. Or does she want to take the masscom majoring in Music? I really don’t know, but no matter what she becomes we are always there even she would love to be a singing coach in swimming, we are always here.

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