From Being Fall

I am so sleepy right now, I slept late last night and yet I have to wake up early this morning as my niece will have to go to school early. I already handed her school tuition fee last night and she said she will just give me the receipt when she gets home. I don’t usually ask for receipt but since she promised me with that I would probably expect it when she’s here.

My niece has been trying very hard to straighten her school stuff now, she admittedly at fault when she failed all her subjects from last sem. Oh don’t get me wrong, it was not because of a boyfriend at all, she doesn’t have any after all. I mean she was so hooked with Korean drama and Korean boy band that she forgot it is already late at night and she needs to wake up early the next day. And before she knew it, she flunked all her subject.

I am looking forward for this girl to arise from being fall, I know we deserve a second chance so I gave her one, even my sisters are telling me to have her stop this semester but I just can’t do that. Obviously, I was so right because she passed all her mid terms exams and her grades are high. Keep it up girl!

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