Club Hopping After Work

I used to do club hopping with my friends when I was younger especially when we do some overtime at work. After the long hours of working, my officemates and I will go to a restaurant or club that also serves dinner and some drinks while watching live bands. Their voices are surely my stress reliever; the soothing sounds of their tele b bender could help me to relax. I really love every bit of their songs; I did not only enjoy my foods. I also had so much fun listening to them. I am not particular of whatever bands are there to performed could it be rock, danceable or mellow, I just love music and I adore them singing in front of the audience and entertaining us while we eat and drink. I missed the night out but I am fully occupied now being a mom with my kids. Oh well, I also enjoyed being the audience of my youngest daughter’s singing performance at home.

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