Moving Freely

When my niece and eldest daughter sleep on the other room, the first night they were there was never easy for me. I thought I could deal it easily and they can’t but I was wrong, I was the one who felt the separation and I could not even sleep. They don’t know about this because they might convince me again to sleep with me on our bedroom and I will give in.

So even I was not able to sleep for the first night as I feel like everything seems so lacking in our bed and even though Faith was with me the whole night, I just told myself then tomorrow it will be better, I mean the two girls have to sleep on the other bedroom because aside as they are already growing up and it’s too hard already for us to move freely in our bed, the two girls must have their own private room to be more independent. The second and the third night are going better for me though, and my Faith could sleep and move freely in our bed at all.

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