Used For This Troubled Car

I went out late already since Mj took the half day at school for their periodical exam. She doesn’t have tutor today, because it’s her rest day from tutor. Her training will start at 7:00 p.m., so we went out around 6:00 p.m.; we were already in a hurry then because the program for their training today has given to me by the main coach last night. On our way there, I noticed the signal of my car is not working again, even the wiper and the hazard. I know then there’s something went wrong. So I hurriedly stopped by at the gasoline station, to purchase a gas as well. I switch off the engine after the staff filled in the gas, when I switch it on, it didn’t on. I was already planning to leave my car at the station when somebody approached me to help. He re-charged the battery and all that but after he puts the battery back, it still didn’t work. We are already late from the training, so I really just decided to leave the car, messaged my mechanic to rescue the car first thing in the morning tomorrow. Now that I am already used for this car, the unusual trouble won’t panic me anymore. Oh well, the mechanic is always available to rescue me.

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