Making Your Bedroom More Modern


You can transform any bedroom from a drab escape to a jewel of a retreat in a snap with modern bedding. A wide array of sizes and accessories, including matching pillow shams, bed skirts and sheets, are available to help you achieve an easy, seamless bedroom makeover. Keep your bedroom up to date and fashionable in the most convenient way when you decorate with bed comforters.

If you are looking for a masculine, contemporary feel in your bedroom without the image of a bachelor pad, king sized bed comforters with neutral shades, such as sage and beige, and broad stripes on matte fabrics can fit the bill. Lightweight comforters that are bright and shiny, often with fancy embellishments and sheer accents, enhance the femininity of a room. Pastels, flowers, lace and frills abound in modern adult bedding to suit a variety of tastes. For a masculine and feminine combination in bed covers, quality material and workmanship are key components to finding the perfect bedding.

Putting a modern spin on your bedroom is not solely about the look. Choosing the highest-quality bedding, like bed comforters made of 100 percent cotton or hypoallergenic goose down, keep your room looking new and you feeling great. It is no secret that high-quality comforters provide the perfect balance of lightweight, silky softness and cold-weather comfort so you can relax and re-energize while you sleep. Try goose down comforters with a fill power of 700 or more are crafted to deliver 200 percent more durability and less weight than the typical goose or duck down comforter with a lower fill power. These comforters also help maximize your blood circulation and help ensure that your body stays at an optimal resting temperature during any season.

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