Wearing The Etude Lipstick

My niece is a big fan of Dara or Sandara Park. She followed her on twitter or any social media or when the 2ne1 is featured in a certain channel, surely she is seriously watching them in the TV. She puts lots of pictures of her on her tumbler account, she was even the one who told me that Dara’s car is so huge and she is the one driving on it.

So when Dara was the one who modeled the Etude beauty products, she keeps on mentioning me to it that she would buy the lipstick when she has the money. And so when she got her allowance from her Mom who works abroad, she immediately bought a lipstick of Etude.

She said she doesn’t get allergies from it and it is always comfortable to wear this kind of lipstick as it is not too bold for her. The lipstick never cracks her lips, it leaves moist to the lips and it has varieties of girly colors.


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